Why is healthy skin care important?

Healthy skin care is necessary for the following causes:

• It supports your skin stay in the best condition:
Our skin flaking skin cells all day, so it‘s significant to retain your skin radiant and in the best condition. A healthy skincare routine can help stop acne, treat fine lines, and help keep your skin looking beautiful.

• Your skin will look younger:

As we age, our skin‘s cells turn over more gradually; make it look grayer and less glowing. Using the best skin care products can help eliminate dead skin cells so your body will change them with newer and younger cells. • Avoidance is easier than correction:
Avoiding skin problems is easier– than trying to solve them in the future.

• Your confidence will rise: When you look beautiful, you‘ll feel good about yourself and have more self-confidence.

How to identify your Skin Type

It‘s very important to identify your skin types so you can use products and DIY homemade recipes according to your specific skin type.
The tissue test:

Wash your face with a soap or cleanser which is not made for a specific skin type. Wash with water. Pat your face with a towel is enough do not rub your face. Wait for an hour, and then blot your full face with one ply (or layer) of a large facial tissue. Pat lightly on your face and leave for about a minute. Then take out the blotting paper carefully and observe it in a light or near a window. What do you see? • If you observe oil all over the tissue, you most possible have oily skin.

• If you see oil on your T‐zone area (down nose, across the forehead, and chin), you probably have combination skin.
• If you see very little oil all over the tissue, you most likely have normal skin.
• If you do not see any sign of oil at all, you probably have dry skin.

• If your skin texture is itchy or irritated, you most likely have sensitive skin. You‘ll need to do this test numerous times a year during summer, spring, and winter‐ because your skin changes in every season.