9 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet

Our feet are the part of the body that tolerates the severe treatments the moment we head out of our home. Feet stay enclosed in shoes that can cause contagion. Wrong treatment and laxity often cause dry feet. In many cases, cracked feet are linked with drying and rough feet.

  • Put your Feet in Lukewarm Water:

The most ideal method to treat your feet is to soak them regularly in warm water. This is a method to reduce the consequence of trash, dirt, and fatigue. It will also relax your whole body and improve the blood flow in the feet. You can do this basic thing daily for beautiful and comfortable feet.

  • Foot Powder:

Foot powders are a very vital skincare product for your feet that can efficiently absorb extreme moisture from your feet in the summer. A good and fragranced powder will make your feet feel better and also keep you relaxed and refreshed all day. It also reduces the problem of stinking feet. Each time apply a decent measure of foot power on feet if need to keep your feet fresh and away from odor.

  • Sun Protect:

It is not only required for your face and hand. Sun protection is equally significant for your feet also excessive contact with the sun can make your feet look darker. Each time you head out in the sun apply a good amount of sunscreen on your feet. It will defend your feet from tan and darkening.

  • Pedicure at home:

A consistent appointment for a pedicure can do wonders… You should do a foot massage once a week. Foot massage will keep your feet hygienic. Cut your toenails to stop dirt and grime from gathering beneath your toenails. You should go for a pedicure once a week for beautiful and healthy feet. Here are some pedicure ways that you can do at your home to get lovely and soft feet.

  • Nail Care:

The very basic thing that you have to do is good trimming and shaping your nails. Now remove your old nail polish on your nails. You can use a good nail polish remover to remove polish and then shape your nail.

  • Foot Bath:

This is the next step you can do as a part of your special pedicure. Wash your feet by filling warm water in a sink or tub and put some shower salts to it. Now place your feet in the tub. For a good result, you can also add some drops of essential oil that charms you the most. Put some smooth stones or sand in the lowest of the tub. These stones will give a satisfying massage when you will put your feet on them. After cleansing your feet dry them with a clean towel.

  • Exfoliating:

The next thing you should do after a foot shower is shedding your feet’ skin. Tap dry your feet with a towel and after this take some fingernail skin cream to rub it on the base of every single toenail. Keep the fingernail skin cream under the toenails flawless. Use as foot scour to eliminate all the dry and dead skin cells from your feet. Be delicate to your feet and don’t rub excessively hard. Presently wipe up the fingernail skin cream and eliminate the fingernail skin delicately with a fingernail skin pusher.

  • Moisturizing:

After exfoliating is done, clean your feet with warm water. Apply a good lotion to moisturize them. Moisturizing will make them relax and shields them from dehydrating the skin of your feet. Apply a good amount of cream on your feet and rub well. Foot massage regularly stimulates your nerve closes, increases blood flow in feet, and supports the skin and muscles of the foot.

  • Decorate your Nail and Feet:

Now you can paint your nail with your favorite color of nail paint. Before applying nail polish use a base coat. When the base coats gets dry and then apply your nail polish. this method makes your nail polish long-lasting.