8 Signs you are highly sensitive

It was highly unfortunate to be introverted or sensitive in the past because people were used to active character. However, with new developments in psychology, it has become easier to understand that sensitive people are normal to society. So how do you tell that you are a sensitive person?

Sensitivity and introvert is not a bad thing, so there is no need to strive to change the fact. Instead, you should learn to cope with it and facilitate your life more. Here are eight signs to show that you are highly sensitive:

  1. You are More Emotionally Reactive and Feel Deeply

When you tend to process thoughts on a deeper level to try to unravel something or a situation. Such people tend to be empathetic of other people’s situations. The norm is that they care more for people in empathetic situations than they do for themselves. If you have the mentioned attributes, then you are more of a sensitive person.

  1. You Prefer to Exercise Alone

You are a sensitive and introverted kind of person if you like to engage in activities alone. Team exercises at work or home are not your forte because you like to spend time alone makes you a sensitive person. While in groups you shy away and zone out makes you a sensitive person.

  1. Take Time to Make Decisions

You are regarded as more sensitive when you tend to take a lot of time to analyze questions or problems before coming up with a solution. The phenomenon is common in introverts because they fear making the wrong decision. Therefore, in group discussions, they remain reserved and unwilling to taking a forward position in the discussion. If you represent such characteristics, then you are a sensitive person.

  1. Pay Attention to Small Details

You are sensitive if you have an eye for detail. Do you have situations where you are troubled by small details on a report or work that doesn’t seem right? It is possible that some people would claim that you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but that is not the case. You are just a sensitive person.

  1. You Have Extremely Good Manners

When you are sensitive, you tend to care a lot about how you present yourself to others. Therefore, you would always spend time thinking about how you want people to perceive you and put a lot of effort into it.

  1. Easily Prone to Depression and Anxiety

If you are presented with many negative aspects of your life, you tend to fall back and develop anxiety and depression. This is one of the drawbacks of being sensitive in a high pressured and negative environment.

  1. Horror Movies are Not Your Forte

As a sensitive person, you are so emotional that the feelings conjured from horror movies are not your cup of tea.

  1. You Work Well for Team Situations

Even though you like to be alone, you perform well in team environments because they rely upon your kind for deep and critical thinking.