10 healthy habits for women

Women are beings who have brought joy, peace and added immense value to our world and so today we would talk about 10 healthy habits for women to live a good and healthy life to impact our world.

Here we go :

10.Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise is one great habit for women to have for a healthy living because of its immense value. Regular exercise would prevent high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol level, and many more.  Regular exercise whether aerobic or anaerobic exercises would help you as a woman to live long, and live healthily.

9.Eat well and Eat healthy foods

As a woman, you should be mindful of what you eat and how you eat. You shouldn’t be eating like a glutton because it could make you overweight and overweight is a risk factor for several diseases. Minding the kind of foods you eat is crucial, like Regulating your sugar intake. When sugar is in excess could lead to diabetes, and regulating cholesterol could cause increased blood pressure and other unwanted illnesses.

8.Avoid stress and any activity that could make you stressed up

As a woman, avoiding stress is one habit you should cultivate very well because living stressed is no good thing for you because stress could cause unwanted conditions like being unhappy, depressed, and even Conditions like fatigue, headaches, back pain, and many other conditions. So you should avoid stress

7.Be more intentional about your rest and sleep

Another important habit to cultivate is taking rest and sleeping well, as a lady you should take about 6 hours of sleep every day. What does sleep do for you? It makes you relax, rest, and thoroughly refreshed.

6.Be classy and more intentional about your dressing

Yes, this is one habit you can’t afford to take lightly because it is often said that how you dress may sometimes determine how you might be addressed. You should keep up the habit of being classy and well dress because being classy and well dress makes you confident and I am sure you don’t want to be timid.

5.Take good care of your skin

As a lady as you grow older, there might be changes on your skin, so you have to watch those changes you watch spots that won’t go, skin wrinkles, and many and respond appropriately. Every lady is scared of skin damage so protect her skin.

4.Live fun and happy life

Sometimes Happiness is underrated by us, as a woman living happily should be one of your priorities, you should learn to preserve your happiness and run away from what might want to make you sad and depressed.

3.Have safe and good sex

Good and safe sex is good for your body and health, apart from the pleasure and satisfaction, it helps to lower blood pressure, keeps you calm, and boosts your immune system. Having safe sex would prevent you from STDs.

2.Practice basic health hygiene

This is crucial to living a healthy life, practicing basic hygiene like taking your bathe regularly brushing your teeth observing public health advice, and many more. Observing them would promote healthy living for you.

1.Visit the doctor for checkups and screenings

You should as a woman practice medical checkups and screenings to live a healthy. Regular checkups could help detect some diseases early like cancer of the breast, cervix, and other diseases, leading to prolonging your life.