10 Healthy foods women should eat every day

Food like you know is the fuel of life we derive energy, build body immune by eating, but women have to eat right because not feeding properly could be detrimental to the health. So today we would be talking about foods women should eat to boost their health.

10.Ground flax

Ground flax is another good food source for women. It helps to supply essential fatty acids essential for proper functioning women. It helps to boost the general health and well-being of women through it anti-inflammatory effect. Researchers have found that this food could help boost the mental health of women.


The number one food on today’s show is the walnut, Walnut is a good source of food, it is known for its high concentration of Fibers. It helps to improve the activity of healthy bacteria in the guts and the control of appetite. Walnuts could play a role in infighting depression in women.



Another good source today that is good for women is the berry. Berry is a very nutritious good source for women. It was lavishly rich in vitamins especially vitamins C and K. Berry also has antioxidants that could potentially prevent breast cancer, so as a woman you should consider taking berry.


7.Fat fish

The third food item suitable for women on this show is fatty fish. Fatty fish contains unsaturated fatty acids that the body needs to produce certain hormones in women. Fat fish also contains omega3 fat that is very beneficial to women during pregnancy because it aids baby development.


6.Probiotic foods

Another good food source for ladies on today’s show is the probiotic food source. Probiotic foods are foods that promote intestinal bacteria that are useful for us and facilitates digestion. Women would benefit more from taking probiotic foods because they could help prevent infection at the urinary tract and simultaneously promoting their gastrointestinal tract. An example of such food is yogurt.

5.Almond foods

Another food source for women is Almond foods.  Almonds food is a protein food and also contains anti-aging vitamins.

4.Green leaf Vegetable

Another food source beneficial to ladies is green leafy vegetables.  Green leafy vegetables are a very good source of vitamins that help slow down aging. Women can benefit from this food source because of the effect of improving the skin and its anti-aging effect.



Avocado is another excellent nutritional food source for women. Avocados are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Avocados could help women improve the quality of their skin, slow down aging, and improve the general health of the body.



Another good food source for women is Maca, Maca is a nutritional herbal food that is beneficial to ladies. Maca increases the concentration of estradiol levels in menopausal women and also helping to fight menopause-related changes that have adverse effects on women.


1.Dry Plums

Dry Plums is another food source of great benefits to women,  Dry Plums are beneficial to women by helping to slow down the effect of aging. Dry plums could also prevent osteoporosis in menopausal women. Thus it is of great benefit to women.